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Nikos Afentakis wishes to inform you...

I am happy you have stumbled across my website, however it is not ready for launch yet. I work hard to get it up and running. This short introduction is the best I can offer for now.

My moto stands as: "Attract memory to what is really for keeping - Keep in memory what is really attracting". Thus the name of this website.

Originated from a small island surrounded by the blue Aegean sea, always involved in ships (I was raised in one and since I was able to go to school I lived upon it), later educated as a Production & Management Engineer, I always wanted to make my humble illustrating abilities serve the greater cause. During the years I was able to purchase and read a great amount of books and plans, research and get inspired from the same-minded people. The time has come to elevate my true love in a profession, to combine modern 3D design software with art, historic knowledge with research, to become an active part of a small but dedicated community. WWI vessels will remain a paramount of human endeavor in all aspects (materials, skills, knowledge, morals, politics, etc), and I am proud for being able to help boost the awareness they deserve.

All the best - hope to see you soon!

What I am working on...

I believe knowledge never ends: the more I know, the more I have to study harder in order to have a better grasp upon the matter.

  • Hardware: Build and test. And spend some money along.
  • Software: Install and test. And spend some more money along.
  • Library: Use online tools, local OCR and indexing tests, establish electronic library workflow.
  • Library: Digitize the paper material - this will continue for ever!
  • Ships: Build the first hulls (Rhino, Orca plugin, Delftship).
  • Site: Template and design wordpress site.
  • Site: Marketing plan for the site -what I have to offer.
  • Site: Rendering my models.

I aim for excellent results...

Best results will come as long as I maintain a strict dedicated scheme for information production and organization.

  • Step 1: Research »I maintain a great library of books, magazines, plans, photographs, and more. Having all of it at my fingertips in a digitized form means I can offer to myself (and to others) some great research services for every project I (we) undertake. Reality check: means, among others, some terabytes of main and backup space, hours of painstaking photograph and scan sessions, extreme sensitivity for all legal copyright.
  • Step 2: 3D Reconstruction »The main project that involves deep knowledge for every detail in a given timespace, for every ship model in question. Also you have to be great with the tools of the trade (modeling, texturing, rendering, compositing) and to legally own the software.
  • Step 3: Publicity »Doesn’t matter if you have a great horse -since you don’t let it in the races. I seek all similar-minded people to form or to contribute to relevant think-tanks for in-depth knowledge of each individual ship -so I will be able to contribute effectively in any form.

My selection of projects

These are the projects I am involved in. Please expect some great results (but not at once for all). I am thrilled for each and one of them and I work according and towards the purpose I stated in the previous tab.

Main library

My Zotero group is about studying upon almost every aspect about the great -or not so great- ships of the first World War era (in broader terms, from 1850 to 1930), about all the technological implementations and advancements, about people, weapons, naval battles, wrecks, etc. Submarines, airships and lighthouses are of interest too. The actual current library contents are here. Needless to emphasize the fact of my respect for legal rights: In order to maintain a big library, I buy books, I produce and keep a digital copy and finally resell the hard copies so to refund more purchases (ship plans is another story). In my ambition to become a genuine scholar, I realize that this effort now-days starts by sustaining an ever-growing electronic library and by connecting with people of similar disciplines worldwide - the prospect always excites me. Please feel free to express any interest. I will be more than happy to communicate and exchange information.


For those interested, a few notes about my main hardware: 2×6-core main PC stations (8 GB RAM, twin NVidia Quadro FX5600 cards), a small renderfarm of 5×2-core PCs, 4×QNAP servers of 4 TB each for dedicated backup and storage purposes, 3×photographic cameras, 2×flatbed scanners (A3 and A4 size), all the rest paraphernalia (screens, UPSs, WACOM™ tablets, good music, 2×mountain bikes, good running shoes, etc).


Software I use for my reconstructions and project support: Rhino3D™ with Orca™ plugin, Brazil™ renderer (owner), Delftship™, Terragen™, Blender™ (free), trial versions of Maya™ and Mari™ (hope to buy them some day), Wordpress™, Zotero™, Mendeley™, WhereIsIt™ (owner). Also various free editions for OCR, indexing and PDF production of documents.

Keep up the good work

These are few of the addresses that inspire me all the time -their work is so amazing I cannot praise enough. Hope one day I will be as good as they are in what they are doing:

Thomas Schmid old site:

Thomas Schmid new site:

Andrew Wilkie:

Stefan DramiƄski:

The Dreadnought Project:

U-boat War in WWI:

Pre-Dreadnought Preservation:


...and much much more.

Feel free to send me a message

You can also use my contact information and/or twitter link (bottom), or send a simple notification email from the front page (info).